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Create visible leadership and meaningful interactions to support a culture of trust, inclusion and transparency.

dito mood

ditoask allows employees to post questions that are directed to a member of your leadership team. Using crowd sourcing techniques, dito helps to manage structured dialogue with large audiences with minimal effort.

dito mood

Building trust depends on good communication!

  • ditoask sends your management a list of their questions for response, identifying the most commented and highly promoted.
  • ditoask provides great opportunities to foster dialogue with staff and to get insights into what is on peoples’ hearts and minds..
  • to encourage candour, employees can choose to make their response anonymous.

Leadership Engagement = Employee Motivation!
The number one priority for business leaders is to motivate, inspire and encourage teams to work together towards common goals.
With globalisation and the rapid pace of change structured dialogue helps significantly to communicate the changes in present positions, structures, networks, practices and routines due to those situations.

dito mood employee engagement solution | ontopica


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Real-time reporting Transforming traditional leadership Q&A into a measurable conversation

dito mood

Advanced analytics to turn your peoples responses into actionable insights

ditoask empowers employees to participate in your business. Target known areas of concern for a measurable understanding of the causes and track changes overtime. Capture the whispers and create meaningful and structured conversation. Improve communication culture by increasing trust and transparency. Deliver multi-directional channels that foster dialogue between all employees, increasing your communications reach and efficiency. Uncover issues, discover opportunities and make informed decisions using actionable real-time results.

  • The intuitive design delivers a positive user experience.
  • To encourage candour, employees can choose to make their response anonymous.
  • Our analytics track mood over time giving you a 'company temperature' and identifies any recurring issues that can be actioned or addressed.

Simplified system design with low administrative requirements
ditoask is available on desktop and smartphone SaaS and dedicated hosting solutions Email notifications and Socialmedia integration Customised to meet your language and branding needs Privacy regulations compliant

dito mood employee engagement solution | ontopica