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What is e-participation?

E-participation is the use of online solutions to broaden and deepen communication, participation and engagement between individuals and groups within your organisation.

dito e-participation

Innovative participation online

E-participation develops constructive conversations and discovers valuable collective intelligence and otherwise undiscoverable insights.


Why e-participation?
Extend your reach and reduce communication costs Gain insights and base your decisions on reliable and documented indicators Deeper understanding of motivations and interests of involved stakeholders Increase acceptance and transparency Verknüpfung mit Vor-Ort-Veranstaltungen

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For the public sector

  • Civic participation
  • Participatory urban planning
  • Climate protection dialogues
  • Noise reduction planning
  • Regional development
  • Citizen's issue management
  • Participative budgeting
  • Idea challenges
  • Civic participation for legislative processes
About e-participation

For companies

  • Employee Participation
  • Employee surveys
  • Employee mood check
  • Stakeholder dialogues
  • Conference voting
  • Live feedback
  • Open innovation
  • Idea challenges
  • Customer feedback

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