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dito is ontopica’s e-participation offering with 4 key products.

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…provides tangible leadership engagement to support a culture of trust, inclusion and transparency by meaningful dialogue with large audiences.


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…measures the daily attitude of your employees and provides actionable insights as to why.


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…measures readiness indicators during organisational change programs and helps to fund activities using fact based insights.


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…helps you to manage crowdsourced idea generation and innovation challenges.


Tailored Solutions for Online Participation

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ontopica - Wir organisieren E-Partizipation!

With years of experience we give reliable advice that leads you through the challenge of organizing participation.

We will model the custom requirements of your dialogue needs.

  • We develop the appropriate concept for the participation of your stakeholders
  • We customise the process according to your situation.
  • We give advice about the right participation tools and interaction schemes

We help you to broaden and deepen communication, participation and engagement between individuals and groups within your company.

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