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Our customers

Numerous renowned institutions trust us ranging from cities to state governments and global companies.

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ontopica GmbH
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D-53113 Bonn

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They value our collaborative approach and multi-disciplinary expertise. They trust our e-participations solutions to provide a reliable basis for their decision making.

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With dito ontopica develops e-participation solutions for engaging citizens & employees in meaningful & measurable dialogue

For the public sector

  • Civic participation
  • Participatory urban planning
  • Climate protection dialogues
  • Noise reduction planning
  • Regional development
  • Citizen's issue management
  • Participative budgeting
  • Idea challenges
  • Civic participation for legislative processes
About e-participation

For companies

  • Employee Participation
  • Employee surveys
  • Employee mood check
  • Stakeholder dialogues
  • Conference voting
  • Live feedback
  • Open innovation
  • Idea challenges
  • Customer feedback

Our products